NTE Data Sheet Locator
Enter the NTE device number into the search field and click the search button or press the ENTER key on your keyboard. You may use the * character as a wildcard, but you must supply at least two other characters. You may use the wildcard character at the beginning, end, or in BOTH sections of the item.

For example: For Semiconductors, entering NTE* will return any item that starts with NTE. For Resistors, entering 2W* will return a list of ALL 2 watt resistors while entering *2D2 will return a list of ALL 2.2 Ohm resistors.

Enter NTE Part Number to search:

NOTE: This data sheet locator can be used for Semiconductors, Relays,Potentiometers/Trimmers, Resistors, RF Connectors, and Capacitors ONLY. NTE does not provide data sheets on generic industry standard part numbers such as 74 Series TTL and 4000 Series CMOS devices.

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